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Most of the time our customers try to handle a wasp nest themselves. They end up being stung and hurting themselves. People even try getting rid of the bees but end up leaving the honeycombs which start to melt. damaging the property. Even worse, it can attract other rodents such as mice and rats.

Luckily, this family called Bee Removal Specialist to come handle these thousands of bees from a 2nd story exterior wall. We dispatched our local removal experts who have plenty of knowledge and experience in wasps and bees.

The professional bee experts used infrared cameras to locate the hive and plan the best way to start the removal. Using a bee vacuum the bees are safely moved into a bee box in preparation for transfer to a new home. The exterior wall was also cleaned with a sanitation solution and stuffed with insulation. Lastly, the siding was replaced, sealed then treated with an eco-friendly bee repellent.

To prevent honeybees from moving in, check for any cracks or openings around your property and have the areas sealed.

Bee Removal Specialist can handle any bee removal or bee rescue in Fort Worth and backs it with a 12-month guarantee. When bees are rescued, they are taken to a local apiary with a beekeeper.

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