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Giant Beehive Removal In Dallas, TX

Thousands of bees were rescued in the University Park neighborhood thanks mostly in part to a savvy environmentalist. The ecofriendly customer insisted on a live bee removal “No matter what”.

Careful observation using a Flir infrared camera revealed the exact location of the huge beehive. Following the discovery of the beehive in the wall of the home, Bee Removal Specialist dispatched a team of live bee removal experts to remove the hive.

Live Bee Removal From A Wall

Bee Removal Specialist began the job by carefully removing part of an interior wall using a reciprocating saw. A smoker is then used to calm the bee prior to removal. Once they are safely put into the bee box, the live bee removal team removes the hive then cleans up the extraction site using a sanitation solution. Next, the live bee removal team insulated the hive location to prevent future honeybees from returning the location. Finally, the area is sealed, and bee repellent is applied to prevent bees from returning. The bees were rescued along with their honey and nectar filled combs.

When looking for a live bee removal service, call a professional beekeeper to remove the colony as soon as possible. Left alone, the bees can move their colony onto your property and build their hive.

Bee Removal Specialist would like to thank Sarah for saving the honeybees.

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