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When it comes to dealing with wasps or a wasp nest, these tips might be especially useful in an unpredictable situation. Bee Removal Specialist can help with bees, wasps, hornets, and any kind of nests that you find in your area.

  1. The first thing to know is that wasps can sting multiple times. Unlike honeybees that only sting once, wasps can sting multiple times. This is because of their smooth stinger, there are no barbs.
  2. The second thing to keep in mind is not to disturb the nest yourself. They are only aggressive if they feel threatened or under attacked. If you are stung, a pheromone is released to the rest of the colony letting them know you are a predator.
  3. Third, they are important to the environment. Just like bees, wasps are also pollinators, what distinguishes them is that they also eat insects! They eat any small insects or pests that are eating away at your garden and crops.
  4. Next, they build nests in very high places that are usually visible. They are attracted to sweet smells, leftover human food and insects. During the summer they appear at picnics or garbage left outside.
  5. Finally, always call a professional wasp removal expert. They are equipped with the right equipment to handle any form of species. The fall is especially busy time for wasps around Fort Worth.

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