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Monster beehive discovered in the eave of a local residence

It is estimated that over 30,000 honeybees were removed from the eave of a residence on July 17th, 2020.

Following discovery of bees moving in and out of an eave, the homeowners called Bee Removal Specialist to help solve their problem. Professional beekeepers were quickly dispatched to remove the hive.

The bee experts began the live bee removal process by opening the eave and using the bee vacuum to quickly get the job done. The darker the honeycombs the longer the hive has been around storing honey and collecting pollen. Once all the bees are in the bee box, a hive tool is used to detach the combs from the surrounds area. Finished and ready to go, the area is sanitized and closed with a sealant to prevent bees from returning.

If you notice bees gathering near your home, it is important to call a beekeeper to remove the colony as soon as possible, if not, the bees can move their colony onto your property and build their hive. Check for any cracks or openings around your home or business to make sure they are sealed preventing any bee infestations

The bees were donated to a local Dallas beekeeper.

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