Bee stings are very troublesome, and while in most cases they do not pose a major risk, there are cases (such as those with allergies) where a simple bee sting can be fatal. Have you ever wondered why? What motivates these creatures to torture us with poisonous stings?

Well, today, at bee removal specialist, I invite you to answer these and other questions so that we can know everything that is going on behind the bee sting.

Bee stings

A different bite from others
Around the world there are about 200,000 different types of bees, but when we talk about a bee sting, we always talk about a sting different from any other insect.

That is why it is so important to distinguish between poison or toxins from these insects and the rest of the insects, because they are different substances and the sting will always be different from one species to another.

Although the common bee sting is not as frequent as it can be compared with a wasp (which is more aggressive in nature) or other similar species, it still occurs regularly.

Bee venom

Bee venom, as I mentioned, can be fatal in some cases. The sting may not mean much, but the sting of hundreds at the same time will be great. This is worse for allergy sufferers (about 1% of the population), in which case it is fatal.

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