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 GOT BEES?  We have the answer!  Our bee removal specialists are licensed, insured and have over two generations of combined knowledge Bee Removal Specialist to solve any bee or wasp issues you may be facing.   Bees are so important to the environment and we pride ourselves on our success with live bee removal whenever possible.  Bees can almost always be rescued and successfully relocated away from personal property.  Our beekeepers will help you identify the extent of your bee problem and remove the bees which have invaded your space.

A swarm of bees is often described as a “ball” of bees.  It can also resemble the shape of a man’s beard and consists of hundreds, even thousands of bees all bunched together. Bees travel as a “swarm”, looking for a suitable location to set up a hive.  Here in Texas bees will swarm first in early Spring, and again, sometimes several times, through the warmer months, as they outgrow their current homes.  In this swarm formation they are usually not aggressive.  They have enough honey packed on their feet and legs to sustain and nourish the group for several days before they must get back to work making more honey.  The queen is located in the center of the mass of bees who are literally forming their bodies around her in the shape of a hive for protection.  These swarms may land on a bush, a tree limb, or under an eave of your home and can alarm people by their loud buzzing and massive size.  It is important to not approach a swarm of bees, but to watch it carefully and call an expert at removal.

A swarm of bees is seeking one thing, a covered or private space in which to set up a new hive.  Because of our severe weather here, bees wish to take cover from the wind and heat by creating hives in

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an enclosed space whenever possible.  Commonly they seek an open or broken tree limb, utility boxes, seldom used BBQ grills or vehicle engine compartments.  Often times they gain access to the structure of your home or office through a crack or gap in an eave, overhang, gutter or window frame.  When they have made their selection they will move quickly into the new space and immediately begin working to build a hive and honeycomb.  The queen also goes straight to work, laying eggs which will begin hatching within days and growing the colony from a thousand or so to tens of thousands.  Your only clue that this has occurred, unless you saw the swarm arrive, will be the line of bees going in and out of that gap or opening.  The numbers you will notice on the outside of the space will not be a true reflection of the true size of the colony living within the space.  Bees are a lot like the rest of us “Texans”. They prefer the warm weather.  They will be their most active on sunny days with light winds.  If it falls below 50 degrees or is raining, they will not travel unless necessary.  They hunker down within their hives for the winter, living off of the honey they produced through the year.  This is why you do not see many bees when it is too cold.  Interestingly, they get a little lethargic and less likely to work if it gets too hot as well.  An individual bee has a life span of mere weeks, so if you are seeing more dead bees than usual in a spot around your property, that’s also a pretty strong indicator that a colony has moved in. An entire colony of bees rarely dies out however, the queen can live several years and mother nature even devised a system so that the colony has “back up” queen eggs available to take her place if she should get sick or die.  It is very common for some bee colonies to survive for many years if it is not properly removed, causing significant damage to the property which houses it.

Once bees have “moved in” they will NOT be persuaded to leave the space.  There is no magic smoke or song, nothing that will annoy or scare them out.

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 They must be properly removed.  The sooner they are removed the less property damage will ensue and, obviously, the less it will cost.  Bees will progressively become more aggressive as the colony grows larger and there is more honeycomb to protect. Even the sweetest colony of bees will attack if they feel their hive is threatened.  As the hive grows in size, so does the area the bees feel they need to “protect”.  A hive at the second story corner eave of your home may seem harmless, but when it has extended to your bedroom window, it will become a much more significant problem!  It is never safe or wise to share a building with a colony of bees. 1 in 10 persons are allergic to bees, even those without bee allergies can be seriously injured if they are subjected to numerous stings.  Please do not let this problem go on too long or waste precious time or money on tricks or remedies which will not be effective in the long run.

Some information will be helpful to know when you call us about your bee problem.  What you are noticing and where, as well as how long the problem has been going on.  We have many years of experience and can help you determine the extent of your problem and provide the solution as well as pricing options to help you determine the best course of action in dealing with any bee or wasp issue you may be facing.

To have your questions answered, your concerns addressed and obtain a free estimate call us now.  Your family’s safety is our number one priority.

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