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4 Dumbest Ways to Get Rid of Bees – Bee Removal Akron

If you've been searching online for "bee removal Akron" then you've already made a smart decision to hire a professional. 

Bee Removal SpecialistBee removal is an incredibly dangerous job that is best left to the pros. Despite this, people all over Ohio (and all over the United States) injure themselves every year by trying to get rid of bees by using their own hair-brained ideas.

In many cases, these people need to be ushered to the ER after being unexpectedly stung hundreds of times in just seconds. And it's a shame, because they could have had the bees completely removed in less than an hour, without anyone getting hurt, if they had simply called a professional bee removal Akron company.

Are you curious to know what kinds of crazy, do-it-yourself methods people use to remove bees? Here are some of the dumbest and most dangerous we've seen.

Bee Removal Akron – The WRONG Way To Remove Bees

1. Set the beehive on fire.
Yep – people do this! Do a search on YouTube for "bee removal Akron" and you'll see actual video evidence of this foolishness. Here's how this scene generally plays out …

Someone gets the brilliant idea that to "solve" their bee problems by dousing the hive with gasoline or other flammable liquids. Or, they use a lighter and flammable aerosol spray can. Here's the problem: this method will NOT kill all the bees (you're nearly guaranteed to be stung), and you could also seriously injure yourself by fire, explosion or smoke inhalation!

Bee Removal Specialist2. Spray the hive with a garden hose.
Oops! That's not a good idea either. In fact, it's extremely dumb. Sure, with enough water, you could do enough damage to the hive to make it uninhabitable for the bees and also kill a few of them…

But consider this. A single beehive can contain up to 40,000 bees! Imagine what will happen at the moment the first drop of water hits the hive. It will only take a second for the bees to react and they WILL come after anybody in close proximity to the hive. 

3. Use bug spray or an insecticide "bomb."
Another really dumb idea! A can of bug spray can work if you have a single bee flying around your kitchen (though it's even better to simply open a door or a window for the bee to exit). But when you're talking about thousands of bees in a hive, you generally should NOT use insecticide. 

Even if you somehow managed to kill every last bee with one of those bug "bombs" (not likely), you'll probably still be stung badly before they die; plus you'll be left with a huge mess of dead bees.

4. Knock the hive down with a long object or throw rocks.
By now, it should be clear why this isn't a good idea either. In simplest terms: it won't effectively get rid of the entire colony, and you're sure to be stung. 

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