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Bee Removal SpecialistTry searching online for "bee removal Cleveland" and you'll stumble across all kinds of wacky suggestions. Brave DIYers have no shortage of tips for removing bees. But more often than not, these tips are extremely dangerous and ill-advised:

Examples of foolish attempts to remove bees:

Spraying a bee hive with the garden hose NOT a good idea
Using 10 cans of bug spray GUARANTEED to get you stung
Throwing rocks at the hive NOT smart
Trying to knock the hive down with a long pole or stick WHOOPS, bad idea
Dousing the hive with gasoline and setting it on fire ARE YOU SERIOUS?

If any of these ideas sound smart to you, then allow us to briefly explain why you should NOT, under any circumstances, try any of them.

First, using any of the methods above will fail to kill the entire colony. You may be successful in killing a few bees, but the rest will still be there. So those methods won't even work.

Second, the bees that do survive will surely attack you. Bees have an inherent duty to defend their hives at all costs. And since up to 40,000 bees can live in a single hive, you can imagine the injuries they can inflict. Being stung like that could be life-threatening, especially if you're allergic.

Bee Removal Cleveland Why Call A Professional?

Now that you've seen a few reasons NOT to use any DIY advice that you may find when searching online for "bee removal Cleveland," let's look at why it's so important to call a professional bee control company instead.

Bee Removal SpecialistPros have the proper training and experience
Simply put, a bee control expert knows how to handle bees. They know the best, quickest and most effective ways to remove them, no matter where the hive is located. This experience and knowledge is key to getting rid of your bee problem fast.

Pros have the right equipment
Bee control companies use specialized suits, tools and equipment to remove the bees without the risk of anyone getting stung. This is equipment that most homeowners (and even general exterminators) don't have access to.

Skilled bee removal companies can remove bees without killing them
Inexperienced exterminators often make the mistake of killing bee colonies with harsh chemicals. But this process is slow, potentially dangerous to your health and it creates a big, unnecessary mess. Bee professionals use tools like bee vacs and bee boxes to collect them without killing them and transfer them to a bee apiary, where they can continue to benefit our ecosystem.

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