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5 Ways NOT To Remove Bees – Bee Removal Madison

Bee Removal SpecialistSearching for bee removal Madison? There's only one right way for Madison residents to remove bees from their properties … but there are many wrong ways. 

Here's the right way: Call the Bee Removal Specialist at (866) 840-9275. We are an experienced bee removal Madison-based company, specializing in the fast, thorough removal of all bee and wasp infestations. 

From a small beehive in early spring to a massive swarm of bees in late summer, we can tackle any size problem. Plus, we use safe, eco-friendly methods to remove them without killing them whenever possible (which means no dangerous insecticides, which other general exterminators are notorious for using).

You can read more about Bee Removal Specialist in Madison below. But first, let's look at some of those extremely dangerous and foolish ways NOT to remove bees (as unfortunately attempted by ill-intentioned Madison residents every summer!)

Bee Removal Madison – 5 Wrong Ways

Wrong Way #1 – Use bug spray on the beehive.
Under no circumstances should you use an ordinary can of bug spray on a bee hive (even if the label says it's for bees and wasps). Do you have a bee or two inside your house? Sure, use the bug spray if you must. But spraying it at an entire hive is just plain foolish. It won't kill all the bees inside. And the majority of bees that survive will come after you.

Bee Removal SpecialistWrong Way #2 – Hose down the hive with water.
For your own sake, please put the garden hose away. It is not an effective tool for bee removal Madison. It will only result in disaster. Even if you manage to soak the hive with water before being stung mercilessly, there's a good chance that many bees will survive and continue to rebuild the hive. 

Wrong Way #3 – Use a bug "bomb."
Such "bombs" are sometimes used by exterminators to get rid of severe insect infestations inside a home, such as roaches. But they are not intended for bees, whether they're located inside or outside your home. Even if you did kill a large portion of the colony, you’d be stuck with a huge mess of dead bees – possibly thousands all over your lawn or inside your home. This is not the way to do it!

Wrong Way #4 – Throw rocks at the hive.
Throwing rocks (or any other objects) at the hive will only make the bees angry. Chances are very slim that you'll do enough damage to make the bees leave.

Wrong Way #5 – Knock the hive down with a long pole.
Nope, not a 10-foot pole, not 15 feet, not any pole at all. Just like the methods above, this silly attempt will only get you stung – and it won't do anything to solve the problem.

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The Bee Removal Specialist is a professional bee control agency serving Madison, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas. If you're dealing with a frustrating bee problem on your property, call our experts at (866) 840-9275 for immediate assistance.

Most bee colonies (Related) can be completely removed in just a day (using eco-friendly bee vacs and bee boxes), and we can usually come out to your property within just hours after you call us.

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