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Bee Removal Milwaukee is your local bee removal experts.  We are professional beekeepers and bee removal experts, with over 25 years experience in removing bees from homes and other structures. We know bees.  There is no bee

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removal project that is too small or too difficult.

Our experts utilize years of knowledge and practice, as well as very specialized equipment, which allow for the live removal of almost all bees, despite their location.  If there is a way to safely remove a colony live we will find it!  The only sure fire method to remove a colony of bees from your home or structure is to open up the area, exposing the colony, physically removing all the bees, particularly the queen, AND all the wax combs of brood material and honey. The space that housed the bees and debris then must be cleaned, treated, packed and completely re-sealed from future bee colonies or swarms. Obviously the last step is repair of the structure back to the original "pre-bee" state.

What does it mean when I see a lot of bees on my property?

A large colony of bees near you outgrew their existing home, and decided to split from that colony to form another.  This is called a swarm. The swarm is seeking to locate an appropriate spot to establish a new hive.  Their ideal location will be protected from the weather and predators. The bees often select this new location within a cavity in homes, in soffits, walls, and between floors of a building. 

Why did the bees choose my location?

Just lucky I guess.  There are no proven answers to this question.  Most properties have food and water sources near by and some data suggest that there is or was at one time a bee colony in residence in one of three structures in urban areas.  Every day we remove bees from brand new buildings and older ones too.  The bees simply found a space or a gap, sometimes smaller than the width of a dime and slipped inside. Sometimes these gaps or openings were created by other animals or insects.  Once inside the space, the bees will find a cavity large enough to house the colony and the queen bee begins her only job, laying up to 1,500 eggs per day and growing the colony.  

Can a bee colony and their hive grow larger inside the building?

YES.  These colonies grow in size every day, particularly in the Spring, Summer and early or mild Fall days.  We regularly remove colonies of over 50,000 in number.  Large colonies such as these can fill the entire wall space, floor to ceiling, with easily over 100 pounds of honey.

Are the bees causing damage to the structure? 

Although bees do not chew or destroy wood, a weak or dying colony can attract mice, termites, mold, and other problems that can weaken or destroy the structural integrity of your home.  Additionally, the was and honeycomb within the structure is no friend to the wood and drywall that may surround it.

Why not just seal the gaps and trap them inside or exterminate them?

It is almost very  impossible to exterminate an entire colony of bees with the pesticides available to general consumers.  Application of the pesticide is almost impossible in any traditional sense as the wax combs and honey protect most of the bees.  Even a successful extermination of bees by a qualified applicator will leave the dead bees and hive behind which will surely attract other pests, rodents and future infestations of bees. Simply sealing up the opening will not work as the bees will simply create a new, and probably less desirable location in and out of the space.  

If I wait, will the bees eventually go away or die out on their own?

NO.  Bees will not voluntarily abandon their hive.  Rather, every day they are there the colony grows larger and more honey is produced.  This is a problem best, and least expensively, dealt with at the first sign that they are in residence.   

Will a local beekeeper remove my bees if I give them the bees for free?

UNLIKELY.  While it may be possible to find a beekeeper that may just be starting out and so desperate for a colony of wild bees that they are willing to actually carve into your structure, this is probably not a person who will hold the proper licenses and insurance to  do so safely.  They will not possess the carpentry skills to correctly open and more importantly repair, the structure. 


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