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It is common to see honey bees foraging for food and water around our homes and other structures.Bee Removal Specialist Foraging bees are away from the colony and are not likely to behave aggressively as there is no hive, brood (eggs and young bees), or work product (honey) they are defending.  Bees will only sting when they feel threatened, they organize in an attack only in defense of hearth and home, the same as we would.  Bees visiting flower and other food or water sources should be left undisturbed if possible. If you have any questions about whether the bees on your property are foraging, "just visiting" or may be a swarm or colony with an existing hive, please call upon Bee Swarm Removal Corpus Christi for FREE expert advice and estimates.  We are your local bee removal experts, working in Corpus Christi for over two generations.    

It is difficult to discourage foraging bees from visiting your home or business.  Working bees are attracted to sweetened trash or drinks, ripening fruit or blossoming flowers, fragrant shrubs, sapping trees, water sources of any kind.  Obviously it is impractical to try and remove all of these attractants from in and around our property.  People with a fear of bees or allergies to bee or wasp venom should take care when enjoying spaces where bees may forage.  Anytime you notice an increase in bee activity in or around your property we can help.  

Most of us will never encounter a bee swarm, even though they frequently occur every year.  A swarm of bees is often described as a "ball" or "mass" of bees.  This mass of bees may appear dangerous, based upon the fact that there are thousands of bees all in one place.  Even the word swarm brings scary images to mind.  In reality, a swarm is relatively peaceful and pose very little threat if left undisturbed.  A swarm will generally land and remain clustered in one place for a few hours or several days. During that time scout bees are traveling to and from the mass, searching for a suitable space to create a new hive.  Once the scouts find a location, they will communicate it to the swarm and the bees will move on.  If a swarm lands in a remote site, it should be left alone.  If in a populated area, that cannot be avoided, a professional beekeeper should be called in to safely remove it and relocate it to an area where it can continue it's very important work.  

Swarms that land near buildings or high traffic areas need to be managed by a professional. Bees may try to nest in wall voids or floors of buildings if they can gain entry. These entry ways can be virtually impossible to see with the naked eye, indeed most of our clients are not even aware of this gap or opening into a structure until they notice the bees flying in and out of the space.  This is why removing a swarm, before it can access a space and establish a hive and begin honey production from within, can be an important bee management tool.  

No matter what your bee removal needs are, you can count on Bee Swarm Removal Corpus Christi to tackle all aspects of your problem in an expert manner and for the lowest cost.  We have been providing professional beekeeping and bee removal services here in Corpus Christi for over twenty-five years.  Our reputation for excellence cannot be matched by anyone within Corpus Christi.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  


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