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Seeing bees? In the spring and summer, it is not uncommon for homeowners to suddenly discover a beehive being build in the structure of their home. Often, this is a pretty shocking discovery and many people are unsure as to hand the situation. Here at Bee Removal Specialist, we are ready to take on whatever bee problem you might have.

“There is a ball of bees in my front yard!”

In the spring and early summer, bees will often form a swarm after being cooped up all winter. As a beehive grows, the population will split so that the hive does not live beyond its means, and half of the bees will fly off to find a new home.

This is called “swarming.” The bees will create another queen bee, and the other bees will form a ball around her, and they will fly off together to find a new space to begin building a new hive. We often get calls about people discovering “balls of bees” in their front yard. Although they are pretty scary to see, they are usually only passing through. However, this is when bees are most docile, and in order to prevent them from forming their new home in a space in your house, we recommend you give us a call if you encounter a swarm in your yard.

“I see bees coming in and out of a little hole, what does that mean?”

Often, the first time an homeowner discovers they have bees is when they see a few bees coming in and out of a hole somewhere on the outside structure of their house. Although it only looks like a few bees, there are actually probably hundreds of bees building a hive at a rapid rate behind that little hole.

A honey bee’s natural habitat is in a hive in a hollowed out tree. Because of this, it’s easy to understand why a bee may be interested in building a hive in the hollow spaces of a home. When a honey bee builds a hive, beeswax and honey comes with it. This makes getting rid of a beehive difficult and a very skilled task that only a trusted professional should perform.

What next?

The most important thing to keep in mind when you have a bee problem, is that you actually have two problems. The first is that you have live bees coming in and out of the hive. There are a few ways to get rid of the bees, such as by using a bee vacuum or an eradication powder. The second problem you have is the presence of the hive. Getting rid of the bees does not get rid of the wax and honey that is still in the structure, and leaving the wax and honey behind can attract new bees, roaches, and rodents. In order to solve a bee problem, you should call a specialist that can take care of both of the issues.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you encounter a beehive in the structure of your home:

1. DO NOT mess with the hive. Handling a beehive is extremely dangerous, and trying to kill the bees by yourself with a spray is not effective because it does not kill all of the

Bee Removal Specialist

bees or their eggs, and does not solve the problem of the actual hive. If you clog the hole, they will only find another way out.

2. DON’T call a pest control specialist. They are not licensed to get rid of bees and usually will not touch them. They are also not insured to perform any carpentry work needed to remove the hive. ALWAYS call a bee removal expert that specializes in live removal and repairs.

3. ONLY call a bee removal expert that is licensed, insured, and provides a warranty for their services. It is not an inexpensive trade, but it is worth every penny to have it done the right way, with the right tools, and by someone who is both skilled in carpentry work and knowledgeable in be behavior.

Call Bee Removal Specialist today for a free estimate on your bee removal. We are licensed, insured, guaranteed, and we guarantee effective and professional service.

Maybe you were sitting on your porch and looked up at your house one day and discovered a tiny hole in your eaves where bees were buzzing in and out. Or perhaps you looked out your window to discover bees coming in and out of the bird box on your tree. Either way, you have discovered a bee problem in your property.

A honey bee’s natural habitat is in hollowed out trees in the wild. They love that safe, dry, and hollow space, and build their homes in places that share those qualities. As a result, bees will often build a hive in the dry, hollow spaces in or near a home.

Common locations for a beehive on a property include: In eaves, behind wall siding, in bird boxes, electrical boxes, attics, chimneys, and even the insides of unused grills.

Although bees are insects, most pest companies will not respond to a honey bee problem for a few reasons. The first reason is that they are not equipped with the proper chemical to exterminate the bees, and bee extermination is illegal in some states anyway. This means that the bees either need to be eradicated with a special powder, or they need to be removed live. The second reason why they won’t respond, is because getting rid of the bees is not the entire problem. Bees build many pounds of wax and honey when they build a hive, and if left behind, that wax an honey can attract even more bees, along with roaches, rodents, and ants. This makes a beehive a bigger problem than a pest control specialist can handle.

This is why you should ALWAYS call a bee removal specialist when you encounter a beehive on your property. And you shouldn’t call just any bee removal specialist, but you should call us, Bee Removal Specialist.

Not all beekeepers are trained in carpentry work, and some people claiming to be bee removal specialists are not familiar with bees and can leave your house a mess. Bee Removal Specialist guarantees a professional job well done. We are insured, licensed, and warranteed, and our specialists are both knowledgeable in hive structure and bee behavior, as well as skilled in the carpentry work required to repair a space after a removal is performed.

Call Bee Removal Specialists today to get a free phone estimate. Our knowledgeable experts are dedicated to expert bee removal work, and are experts you can trust.


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