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With any questions about wasps, hornets, and bees our professionals have been trained to handle any situation. No matter how big or small, Bee Removal Specialist has seen it all. 

Our team has an office full of experts that are trained to give you every option available.  Our job is not done until you are satisfied.  A bee removal expert can be dispatched the same day to your home or property. Once they arrive the situation will be will be handled in an effective matter. 

We are one of the few companies that offers a warranty on all of our work. As licensed beekeepers we can handle paper wasps extermination, yellow jackets, and any kind of bee. 

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Bee Removal Specialist Offers the Following Services:


Honey Bee Removal

Bumble Bee Removal

Carpenter Bee Removal

Stingless Bee Removal

Africanized Bee Removal

Cicada Killer Removal

Paper Wasp Removal

Hornet Removal

Yellow Jacket Removal


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