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Trailers have many purposes and uses, one of them can be for storing honey. Bee Removal Specialist dispatched our bee removal experts to rescue this monster hive from the trailer.

This massive hive has been building for a long time inside the trailer.

Sometimes trailers become vacation homes that are not visited often by their owners. This hive is an excellent example of neglected beehive. Our bee removal professionals estimate the age of this hive to be over 12 months old due to the size of the hive. Several thousand bees were rescued in the process.

Using a bee vacuum, all the bees are safely transported into a bee box. The combs are carefully taken with a hive tool, to go with bees. Finally, the area is cleaned of any pheromones that would attract other bees to the trailer.

No matter the size, our team of professional bee removers can handle the situation in a fast and detailed matter.

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