How To Find The Best Bee Removal Company

How To Find
The Best Bee Removal Company

Hiring a professional bee removal company is always a smart idea when you have bees invading your property but since not all companies offer the same expertise or quality of service, it's important to compare your options carefully.
Bee Removal Specialist
Dealing with a serious bee problem is best left to the professionals. Far too often, frustrated homeowners think they can solve the problem themselves with some simple bug spray or by destroying the hive. Some will try to hose the hive with water. Other will throw rocks at it or try to knock it down with a pole.

Each of these actions is very dangerous, not to mention highly ineffective. You or your loved ones could be stung by hundreds of bees at once and in the end, the hive will likely still be intact.

To get rid of the bees safely, quickly and effectively, it's best to use a professional bee removal company. Here are some tips for finding a great company that will get the job done right.

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Choosing A Bee Removal Company

Check for experience
When it comes to selecting a bee removal company (More Info), experience matters. Look for an expert with several years of experience under his belt. Ideally, the company should have a deep understanding of bees and the best methods for removing them backed by a proven track record of providing these services to customers like yourself.

Avoid general exterminators
Bee Removal SpecialistIn many cases, bees and their hives can be removed without exterminating the colony. In fact, simply killing the bees with various pesticides and other dangerous chemicals can create even more problems. Often, it's more effective and safer to remove the bees without exterminating them which leads to our next tip...

Consider a beekeeping company
Skilled beekeepers can collect bees with special tools, including bee vacs and bee boxes. Instead of exterminating the bees, the bees are simply captured. And if they're honey bees, they can be transported to a bee apiary for honey production.

Look for hive removal
After the warm months have ended, future bee colonies will typically not come back to the same hive. But if it's still summer, there's a chance some bees may return to the hive if it's not removed. Plus, let's face it a beehive can be a major eyesore, especially if it's attached to your house. Check to make sure your bee removers will also remove the hive.

Get repairs, if necessary
Beehives hold a lot of moisture and can do significant damage to the structures they're attached to, particularly if the structure is made of wood. Some bee removal companies can also handle the necessary repairs themselves, which will eliminate the need to contact other contractors.

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