2020 has been one crazy year, what is even crazier is the introduction of the “murder hornets” also known as the Asian Giant Hornet (Vespa Mandarinia). They are the largest in the world, on average they can get up to 2-inches long and have a 3-inch long wingspan.

Native to Japan, Taiwan, and other Asian countries these giant hornets are more aggressive with a powerful stinger. The venom of the Asian Giant Hornet has 8 different chemicals making it stronger than any bee sting. Unlike a honeybee, the Asian Giant Hornet can give multiple stings because the stinger is smooth with no barbs.

An easy way to identify an Asian Giant Hornet is by their distinct orange head. The body is covered in dark brown and yellow stripes.

They are attracted to tree saps and are known to eat entire beehives. Asian Giant Hornets use their mandibles to attack prey instead of their stingers.

Honeybees play an important role in the environment with this introduction of a new predator it will bring a lot of damage to our ecosystem.

The misconception that this hornet can kill comes from the very rare cases where people die from anaphylactic shock. In Japan, these hornets are part of the daily diet being fried or cooked with.

Fortunately, there have only been reports in Washington state. Other reports of the “murder hornet” have been different species of wasps and bees that people fail to identify correctly.

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