Beehive Removal Lincoln Hills CT Frisco TX

Bee Hive Removal in Frisco

Customer Location:

Lincoln Hills Court, Frisco, TX 75034

More than forty pounds of honeybees and beehive were removed from a 1st story soffit of a residence on July 7th, 2020.

The customer reported seeing bees near a first story window several weeks ago. The aggression of the bees prompted a call to Bee Removal Specialist to inspect the infestation. After a thorough inspection of the bees going in and out of the wall, Bee Safe Bee Removal scheduled a live bee removal.

The Process Of A Live Bee Removal

Step 1

Protective plastic is placed on the surrounding walls and floor. This prevents damage from the removal process and speeds up clean-up.

Step 2

A Flir infrared camera is used to find the exact location of the bees. Once the hive is located, the bee removal experts carefully begin cutting into the wall.

Step 3

To calm the bees before the removal begins, smoke is applied to the wall opening.

Step 4

A bee vacuum is used to remove the bees from the hive and placed in nucleus box for relocation.

Step 5

A hive tool and other bee removal tools are used to remove the hive from the wall.

Step 6

The hive location is sanitized to remove pheromones that attracts bees to the treated area.

Step 7

Bee repellent and insulation are placed into the hollow area. This ensures that the bees will not return to treated wall.

Step 8

The wall is replaced and sealed with clear caulk.

The bees were relocated to an apiary near Frisco.

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