Top Bee Removal Dangers

Bee Dangers

Picture yourself in this specific scenario. You are a homeowner taking your family out into your extensive backyard for a weekend summer barbeque. The air is warm, the emotions are running high as the meat hits the grill. Then suddenly, you hear a scream from one of your kids and see them running towards you in tears.

You quickly find out that your child has been stung by a bee and go to where your child was to investigate. This investigation proves that your home’s backyard is now infested with a full-blown beehive.

This scenario isn’t great for any homeowner, and the first thing that they will want to do is have the beehive removed from their property immediately. Before you try to conjure up a dangerous DIY method for removing the hive, call your local bee removal company right away, because there are three big reasons why this situation cannot wait for a response.


A bee hive can contain thousands of bees in its interior. While these bees are in their lodging, they are undoubtedly creating nectar for their hive. One little known fact about beehives is that other bees may come in and try to steal the nectar that is being created. Bees in hives are usually desperate for nectar and have an alarm pheromone that alerts bees that the hive is being invaded. This results in a very aggressive swarm of bees.

An aggressive hive is something that you do not want around your family members for obvious reasons. When a hive becomes aggressive, anything that is in the standing vicinity of the hive will be attacked. This is why professional bee removal companies are so staunchly against DIY hive removal. Not knowing what you are doing or having the proper equipment puts you and your family at major risk.

Bee Allergies

You want to keep your family safe, but with an aggressive hive in your yard the protection quickly spirals out of control, especially if someone in your household is allergic to bee stings.

Bee allergies are very dangerous and have some side effects that could honestly be deadly to someone who has the allergy. Common side effects include:

  • Vomiting
  • Suffocation
  • Swelling
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness

Even if you do not have a bee allergy, being stung causes severe pain and swelling in the area of the sting due to the venom injected into the skin. With an aggressive hive on your hands, a swarm of bees going after your family could be threatening for anyone.

Bee Safe Bee Removal Keeps You Sting-Free

If your house is being threatened by a beehive and you want the bee removal to be done safely and quickly, call Bee Removal Specialist today. Our eco-friendly services will keep both you and the hive safe. We guarantee that we will be able to solve your problem while making sure that we maintain the integrity of the environment. Call us today for any questions about our services.

Beekeeper Specialist   Mar 24, 2021

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