Wasp Control

Wasp control is a common issue for both homeowners and business owners every summer.

During the warm-weather seasons, wasps can become a major nuisance if they are invading your home and property. No matter what your feelings toward wasps, getting stung is no field day. A wasp’s sting can be very painful, especially for those with sensitive skin, such as children. And if they are allergic to the wasps, then a few stings can quickly become a serious health issue.

This is why it’s so important to address a wasp problem as soon as possible – before someone gets seriously hurt. But before you risk your own wellbeing by attempting to solve the problem yourself, call a professional who has the skills, knowledge and tools to remove the wasps, quickly and safely.

What to Know about Wasp Control

What is it?

Wasp control is the process of removing wasps from an area where they have become a nuisance . While wasps and bees play very important roles in nature, they can quickly become “pests” when they take over a portion of your property or interfere with your enjoyment of the outdoors. And, because their stings can be very painful, they present a real danger too.

It all starts with the nest.

When solving a wasp or bee problem, one of the first things you’ll want to do is find the nesting site. This is the source of the “problem” and if you can effectively remove the nest, then you can eradicate the wasps as well.

Springtime is best.

In late spring and early summer, the colonies are still fairly small. This makes it the ideal time to try to remove them. However, because the colony is small, it may make it harder to find the nest.

Wasps not bothering anyone? Ignore them.

If you discover a nest that is not close to your home or posing any danger to anyone, then there is no reason to destroy it. They won’t bother you, if you don’t bother them.

Late fall & early winter = nature’s own wasp control.

Keep in mind that once temperatures begin to fall, the wasps will have trouble flying and will eventually die off. So, if winter is coming and you’ve just discovered a nest, then you can leave it to Mother Nature to take care of the problem automatically. Colonies survive for only one year and typically do not reuse old nests.

Don’t disturb a nest.

Don’t make the mistake of hitting a wasp’s nest with rocks, sticks or other objects. Don’t hose it down with water. Don’t spray insect repellent at it. All of these methods will generally just disturb the wasps, significantly increasing the chance of someone being stung. Also, these methods will generally not make the wasps go away.

Rely on professionals!

The only safe, effective way to remove wasps is to hire a professional. They use special equipment and strategies to collect or kill the wasps and completely remove the nest. An experienced professional can solve the problem much faster than someone who is not familiar with wasp control strategies  – and they can prevent anyone from getting hurt.

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We are a professional wasp removal company with extensive experience in removing wasps and nesting sites. From a small colony to larger swarms, we not only remove the wasps but also preserve their lives as much as possible, transferring them to our own apiary or to another local beekeeper.

Don’t let wasps interfere with your quality of life. Contact us today for fast, professional service, and we will solve the problem for you!

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