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How to get rid of wasps & wasp nests

As temperatures heat up, the need for “wasp control Dallas” solutions is very common in our area.

If you have a problem with wasps or bees on your property, then you know that dealing with these pests can be a major nuisance. Even though wasps are beneficial to our natural world, their habits often conflict with our own interests. A wasps' nest can quickly turn a comfortable outdoor patio space or open play area into a very dangerous place.

Due to a serious threat of being stung, wasps force us out of these spaces and disrupt our favorite outdoor activities. It's also quite common for wasps to build their nests inside homes, garages and attics – even inside your walls.

However, by choosing the right wasp control Dallas - based company, these wasps don't stand a chance. Skilled professionals can quickly remove the wasps, as well as the nest, so you can go back to enjoying your space as normal.

Need assistance for your pest problem? Here's what you need to know.

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Wasp control Dallas – What to Know

Determining the problem

Many people mistake bees for wasps, and vice versa. While both types of insects can “sting,” they are actually quite different creatures and have different habits. Thus, there may be different methods required for controlling and removing them. 

Some of the most common types of wasps include:

    • Yellow jackets
    • Baldfaced hornets
    • Paper wasps

Wasps are characterized by their narrow/slender bodies. They have the appearance of having smooth, shiny skin and cylindrical legs. Bees, on the other hand, look hairy and their hind legs are flattened (which helps them collect and carry pollen). 

Unlike bees, which feed on pollen and nectar, wasps are predators – they feed on other insects, such as flies, caterpillars, crickets and many others. 

Identifying the nest / hive

Another important step in wasp control Dallas is finding the nest, which can also help to identify the species. The most common wasps, like yellow jackets, primarily use wood fiber to make their nests, forming a paper-like pulp. The nest itself appears as tiered layers of round combs. 

Although wasps try to create their nests in secluded spaces, it's common to find these nests on any type of overhead, structural support beam or limb.

Getting immediate help

Always use a professional wasp control Dallas company to address your wasp problem. Do NOT try to remove these pests yourself. Far too often, people get badly stung by trying to destroy the nests with insecticides and other ineffective methods. If you want to completely fix the problem and avoid being stung, then it's critical that you rely on the experts!

Call the wasp control Dallas professionals

The Bee Removal Specialists have solutions for virtually any wasp or bee problem, large or small. We are a professional wasp control company and beekeeping team, serving the Dallas metropolitan area and beyond.

Within just a few hours, we can be at your home or business to get rid of the wasps and their nest. We love handling these insects, and our extensive experience enables us to tackle nearly any situation, quickly and effectively.

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