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Wasp Control Indianapolis 5 Safe Steps For Removing Wasps

Calling a professional wasp control Indianapolis company is the most important first step to removing wasps from your property. But if the wasp nest is located in a spot that could pose a danger to you or loved ones, then there are a few extra steps you should take to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

Bee Removal SpecialistIf you searched specifically for "wasp control Indianapolis," then you've probably already had enough of the wasps invading your space. Whether you're dealing with just a few pesky wasps that seem to hover around your patio, or you've got a huge nest, swarming with wasps in an extremely dangerous location, it's understandable that you just want these pests gone.

Follow the steps below to ensure that no one gets stung and see which local company to call to have the wasps professionally removed from the premises.

Wasp Control Indianapolis- What To Do Immediately

Step 1: Take note of what the wasps looks like
But don't get too close! This step is not critical, however it will help the wasp removal company to determine exactly what they're dealing with when you call them.

Often, people mistake bees for wasps and vice versa. But the type of insect may dictate what methods and equipment will be used to remove then. Without getting too close, take note of where the nest is located, what it looks like and whether the bugs have a hairy-looking body (bees) or smooth, almost shiny appearance (wasps).

Step 2: Maintain a safe distance from the nest
If you don't want to get stung, then you should not even go near it. The further distance you maintain from the nest, the less chance you'll be seen as a threat to the wasps, and thus you won't be stung.

Bee Removal SpecialistStep 3: Tell family members and neighbors about the nest
Make sure everyone in the household knows about the nest and where it's located. Instruct them to keep their distance until you're able to have a company specializing in wasp control Indianapolis come to fix the problem.

Similarly, if the nest is located in a spot where it could cause harm to neighbors, then it's common courtesy to tell them about it too.

Step 4: Call the pros
The only safe and effective way to remove wasps from your property is to call a professional. Experienced wasp removal businesses have the proper training and equipment to get the job done fast and risk-free.

Inexperienced exterminators tend to use ineffective (and dangerous) methods that create a mess, use harsh chemicals AND fail to remove the entire colony.

Step 5: Don't do anything rash
No matter how fed up you are with the wasps, DO NOT try to kill or remove them on your on with insecticides, garden hoses or anything else. This will only get you hurt.

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