Bee Extermination – When to Call a Professional

Bee extermination is a potentially dangerous job that's best left to professionals. 

  • Unlike other small insect problems, dealing with bees isn't as simple as spraying a can of Raid or squashing them with a tissue. 
  • In fact, if you have a hive on your property, using either of those methods to remove the bees is not just ineffective – it's extremely risky.
  • By attempting to remove or exterminate the bees yourself, you have a very high chance of being swarmed and stung by hundreds of bees at once. 
  • These scenarios can be easily avoided by simply keeping your distance and letting the experts solve the problem for you.

As a matter of fact, in most cases the bees won't even have to be exterminated at all ...

When you hire a professional beekeeper to address the situation, they will simply collect the bees into a bee vac or bee box, doing their best not to harm them, so they can be transferred to a local apiary. As bees play an important role in our environment and are crucial for the production of honey, this method of removal is always preferred.

But how can you tell the difference between just simple bees on your property and a serious bee problem? Here are some telltale signs that you need professional bee extermination right awa y …

Bee Removal Specialist

How to Know When You Need Bee Extermination

Bees are more than just a general annoyance – they're everywhere.

During the summer and late fall, when bee colonies reach their peak, you'll generally notice a lot more bees outside, especially if there is food nearby. Don't be alarmed – this is just a natural seasonal occurrence, and if there doesn't seem to be any danger, then you can simply wait for fall and winter, when the colonies will die off.

However, if you are being swarmed by an unusual number of bees, then this could be sign that there is a hive very close by, possibly on your house or in a tree. If the bees seem to be everywhere and you are concerned about being stung, it's best to call a professional bee extermination company who can survey the problem and identify where the hive is located.

Bees are inside your home.

If you're wondering how the bees seem to be constantly getting inside your home, chances are they actually live there. There could be a hive in your attic, within the walls, or in other spaces throughout your house. This is a good time to call an exterminator who specializes in hive removal.

A hive is located in a “busy” spot around your home.

When a hive is located in a spot where you or other family members constantly walk, play or conduct other activities, then there's an increased risk that someone will get stung. Although you may mean no harm to the bees, you could be perceived as a threat if you get too close, so it's best to play it safe and call for professional bee extermination .

Someone is allergic.

If you or someone in your family is allergic to bee stings, and you've spotted a hive close by, then don't take any chances. Hire a bee removal expert to remove the hive so no one gets hurts.

Professional Bee Extermination & Beekeeping

If you're ready to have a professional solve your bee problem, call the Bee Removal Specialist. 

As professional beekeepers, we have vast experience in bee control, and we do our best to save the bees as much as possible, so we can transfer them to our own apiary or to another local beekeeper. We will also remove the hive entirely. Our customers love us because we're fast, professional, and we stand by our work 100%.

Call us today at (866) 840-9275 and let our experts solve your bee problem.


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